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Flexible Learning Activities

Kindergarten Flexible learning day directions: Choose two reading activities to complete from the list below.  Choose two math activities to complete from the list on the back.  Put a check mark by the activities you complete.  Sign this form and return within two school days.  In the event of consecutive storm days, repeat.

Reading Activities

  • Say a word.  See how many words you can think of that rhyme with that word.  Repeat five times.
  • Say a word. How many words you can think of that start with the same sound as that word? Repeat five times.
  • Pick a letter.  See how many things you can find in your home that start with that letter.
  • Ask an adult or older sibling to tell you a CVC word.  Write it.  Repeat five times.
  • Pick five objects in your home.  Think of the sounds you hear and write the names of the objects.
  • Write the names of the people in your family.
  • Write around your house.  Walk around your house and write down words you see.
  • Use play-doh to make letters or words.
  • Practice writing the alphabet as neatly as you can.
  • Build letters using blocks, Legos, or other toys!
  • Pick a book.  Point out each sight word you find.
  • Create a book cover!  Think of a title for a book you would like to write.  Write the title and illustrate the cover.
  • Find ten books.  Sort them by fiction and non-fiction.
  • Think of five words that start with the same letter as your name.  Spell them like they sound.
  • Have a sibling or older adult read a book to you.  Tell them the characters and setting.  Then retell the story.
  • Rainbow write the alphabet.  Use markers or crayons to write the alphabet.


Math Activities

  • Write numbers as high as you can.
  • Search for numbers in your house.  Say their names aloud.
  • Count all of your stuffed animals (or other toy).
  • Make two groups of objects (use coins, crayons, cotton balls, etc.) compare the groups and tell which has more or fewer.  Repeat five times.
  • Use play-doh to make numbers 0-20.
  • Find the numbers 1-10 on things in your house.
  • Find something that is a circle, square, triangle, and rectangle.
  • Draw a picture using only one shape (circle, square, triangle, or rectangle)
  • Draw a creature using shapes (circle, square, triangle, or rectangle.)
  • Role a dice.  Practice writing the number.  Repeat.
  • Help an adult or older sibling follow a recipe and bake something!
  • Compare the heights of people in your home.  Put them in order from shortest to tallest.
  • Write the numbers 1-20 on slips of paper.  Mix them up, then put the numbers in order.
  • Count as high as you can very quickly, then very slowly.
  • Count by tens to 100 in each room of your house or apartment.
  • Draw two groups of objects, then write the matching addition equation.  Repeat five times.

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