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Superintendent's Message

 Welcome to the Wahpeton Public School District Web Site.  My name is Rick Jacobson.  I am the Superintendent of Schools for the Wahpeton Public School District.  Our district is comprised of the following school buildings:  Zimmerman Elementary (PreK & K – approx. 110 students), Wahpeton Elementary (Grades 1-5, approx. 433 students), Middle School (approx. 320 students) & High School (Grades 9-12, approx. 385 students).  Our projected enrollment for the 2020-21 school year we hope will be around 1,245 students.  Our staff members work very hard to provide quality educational opportunities for our students.  We believe we are able to provide a safe educational environment that is conducive for learning.

Our student population continues to become more diverse each year.  We enjoy working with a wide variety of students each year.  We take pride in welcoming students and families from all walks of life.  Our elementary classes have been split into 4-5 sections each year.  This does fluctuate as enrollment numbers change.   We feel that our k-12 curriculum is robust and meeting the needs of today’s student.  Students wanting to become involved in activities should have no trouble finding what works for them.  A variety of sports programs provide for opportunity.  Our music department is second to none with numbers growing each year.  We are also involved with a Vocational Education expansion project that will be completed in May of 2020.  Our FFA chapter is the second largest in the state of North Dakota.  This year we presently have 250 students enrolled in vocational education classes daily.  We feel that we have top notch instructors at all levels that want all students to be successful.

Please take a moment to visit the various pages of our updated web site:  www.WahpetonSchools.org.  If you are new to the area or are considering a move to the Wahpeton area, please give us a call at the District Office at 701-642-6741 to arrange a tour of our facilities at your earliest convenience.  We are available during the week or on the weekend to meet with you.  If you are a Wahpeton resident, I invite you to spend time on our interactive website as it has a lot of valuable information about how your tax dollars are being spent at the Wahpeton Public Schools and what our school system has to offer.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Your interest in greatly appreciated!!


Rick Jacobson, Supt.