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Student Registration

If you have any questions while completing your student registration and to obtain the following forms please contact your child's new school. 
The Kindergarten through 12th Grade New Student Enrollment Process most generally contains the following forms :

  • New Student Registration Form
  • Family Registration Information Form
  • Student/Emergency Form
  • Health Information Update Form
  • Transportation Form
  • Request for Records Form- this gives us permission to obtain your students records
  • Home Language Survey

Please complete all forms to the best of your ability and make sure all forms are signed where parent/guardian signature is required.  Incomplete registration forms may delay the enrollment process.

If your child is in Special Education and has an IEP, please submit a recent copy of the student's IEP and Evaluation. Having the IEP and Evaluation will speed up the registration process. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.  If you have specific questions regarding our Special Education Program, please contact our Special Education Director Rose Hardie at Zimmerman Elementary.
Completed forms need to be turned into your child's new school office.  High School Students will need to schedule an appointment to meet with the guidance counselor to schedule classes.