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Power School - Parents/Students

PowerSchool is a web-based Student Information System used by all North Dakota schools to keep track of student information. It very simply enables parents to be pro-actively involved in their students academics. PowerSchool is used by principals, school office staff, teachers, counselors, parents and students.
The system is accessed through a website at home, on your phone and at school. The information about your child is private and password protected.  You can only view your child's information with confidence that no one can see your child's records either.
You may contact your student's school office or the WPS Information Technology Department to request access to PowerSchool or if you need additional assistance by calling 701-672-5000 or email [email protected] .

PowerSchool Parent Student Login

If more help is needed, please select the ParentLogin PDF below.
 District Code:   FBGR
Troubleshooting if District Code is NOT working for you.
You will need to enter the PowerSchool District information manually.

Here are the instructions:


When asked for the District Code

Select “Where’s My District Code

Select “Enter Server Address


It may ask you, “Is your school district in Canada?”, Select "NO"

Enter your User Name & Password