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Welcome to the Wahpeton Middle School choir page!

The mission of the Wahpeton Public Schools Fine Arts Department is to inspire in students a lifelong involvement in and appreciation of the arts through the creation and performance of music. Our Fine Arts courses aim to do this by providing musical experiences that foster critical thinking, creativity and self-expression.

Performance Expectations:

***Performance expectations are temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic**

            Students are required to attend all scheduled performances for their ensemble.  There will be four scheduled performances throughout the school year towards the end of each quarter. If there is an important life situation, such as a funeral, families will need to alert Mrs. Stoppleworth in advance if possible. These types of conflicts will be considered excused and will not affect the student’s grade. Mrs. Stoppleworth reserves the right to designate absences as excused or un-excused, and also to assign make-up work for missed concerts when applicable.

Students are expected to arrive 15-20 minutes before concert start time and are also expected to stay for the entire concert.  This helps our students to learn concert etiquette, show support for fellow classmates, and create a sense of value in their own performance. Students are expected to dress professionally for performances. Jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes are not considered professional, and outfits should follow all school guidelines concerning appropriate attire (No midriff showing, skirts at mid-thigh or longer, etc.)